Those who sent me emails for admittance have been responded to-

Anyone else, please email for the top secret forum location.


I know this sucks, but c'est la vie!

The new forum...

Hello all!

The new forum will be ready in the next few days, and all characters moving over will need to apply to join.

How do you do this? EMAIL for the forum address!


1. The slate is wiped clean and all characters who would like to make a change to the things they have done in the game until now, may.. Flirted with the wrong person? Don't like the direction that a character has gone? It can all go away. If it does, please be sure to let me know, so that I can discretely let the other characters involved know.

2. If you char does not conform to the new rules, as posted in my previous post, the character will have to change. Those changes can be discussed in your character join request to the above email.

3. If you have more than one char, you can do a mass mail with the names you would like to have join and their status.

Mein Vaterland

Freut mich hier zu sein Kameraden. Ich weis nicht genau was ich schreiben soll aber es ist wirklich schön das andere kameraden sind auch dabei hier und in diesen spiel weiter zu machen.. Alles Gute..

The game will be moving...

Hey all...

LJ really isn't the best option for a game like ours, as we discovered on the last mass RP.

As such, I'm setting up a proper web forum for it. Whahoo! So as such, I would like to put a hold on people starting new threads until the new forum opens. continue with the ones you are playing with, but just don't add any new ones.

I will be posting more about this, and the new rules here shortly. Then you can decide what chars you are moving, and etc.

(no subject)

I'm on the train to Berlin. My eyes are bloodshot red from staying awake for a long time. 48 hours to be exact. I look at watch and notice it is very late. 
I grab my luggage and pull it to my cabin. I take off my boots and lie on the bed. Sighing heavily I close my eyes, trying to remember what Wilhelmina's voice sounded like.
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Sneeking out

Vater's been gone for a few days now, Mutter is in a terrible mood. constantly snapping at me.
I'm sick of it.
Tonight she has gone to be early, I'm not tiered, and in no mood to stay in.
Mutter takes sleeping pills.. I know I can sneek out without being noticed. I put on a pretty purple cotton button through dress, and some make (my parents dont let me wear it normaly, but then they dont know I own it!) I let my hair loose of braids And head out, it's 8:30 pm, I have some money, and I know wheres theres some life!
I haven't seen Karl since the picnic, busy moving house I suspect. I miss him.
I wonder down the dark street to the bus stop, I get a night bus to the center of Berlin.
By the time I get off I'm so excited, It's lit up, so much to do! so busy! no snoring mother!
I stand in amongst the busting crowd for a moment and make up my mind where to go first
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OOC, problems

I'm having problems with the picnic page, the page seems to die at the end of my chat with Eugen (new post perhaps)
and lilli and galiena's conversation (plus a few others) have also vanished, I do'nt know whats happened.
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The May Day Picnic...

The SS Picnic this year is hosted by the Teufel-Wannsee Standarte of my good friend Hagen Kohl. They've taken over a lovely piece of parkland out by the Teufelsee and I'm very pleased with it. Primarily, this event is for officers and their families, but some honoured enlisted men are invited to stir up excitement amongst the rank and file.

Picnic food is abundant. Beer and good sparkling water are abundant. There is a maypole and lots of games for both the adults and children. As I get out of my limousine, I feel great pride. THis is what the SS is all about. Gathering of the Clan. I watch my people milling about , being neighborly and enjoying themselves and feel like a proud papa.

From the Floorboards

It has been quiet thusfar this evening. It should be louder, it being a day or so after Hitler's birthday. I'd think that there would be more celebration from those who cared.
I heard from my friend that the stadium was packed, that the applause were so thunderous that individual people, though they tried to yell, could not be heard over the din. I was told that the sun was shining brightly, the weather was pleasant, and it was the perfect picture of national pride. I would rip the abomination right off of my damn coat to go outside and see that. Not the rally, you understand. I'd just like to be able to go out with my friends like we used to, to not worry about being shot on sight, to enjoy the fresh air. To think it was just a few months ago when this started. I could even go to the normal school then.
Also, I could get away with going out after curfew for awhile, even after this whole thing got started. For all of the Nazis' talk about genetics and purity and whatnot, they couldn't see the Jewish girl a few feet away, buying groceries. But that didn't go on for long. Blonde hair and green eyes can't hide a star sewn on to one's clothing. And I've tried everything to hide it.
But I shouldn't be complaining. There are probably a lot more souls out there who have it worse than I. I've paid an older couple to hide me in their basement until I can find somewhere else to live (and I refuse to go back to school, out of fear of getting killed on the walk there), and said basement is cozy. It's even close to the street, so I can hear people going about their daily business above. The situation for now is safe, but I'm not sure how much I have left to spend on hiding, or the extension of the older couple's hospitality.
I think I hear a group of people in the street. I'll investigate later.