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The mighty Third Reich role playing journal.
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This profile is both a game and an experiment. The year is 1938 and the setting is Berlin.

To join this community, you must create a journal as a person who would exist in this setting. You must talk as if you were that person in appropriate language... Rommel never said Woot! And Guderian never said You are Pwned, N00b!

You may create as many characters as you would like but they need to have seperate journals to post to the community with. You cannot be anyone famous. Hitlers, Himmlers, Heydrichs and Goebbels (etc) will be banned. If you see famous people making entries or comments, its because they are the moderators.

All Icons must be of appropriate imagery. This is 1938, after all.

Your posts may be anything plausible... A description of what you are doing- Leave it open so people may interact with you.